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elissa Mash is CEO and cofounder of Dagne Dover, overseeing business development and retail partnerships for the brand. A graduate of NYU and The Wharton School of Business, Melissa was previously at Coach, where she led the turn-around of Coach's first European location.


During that time, she saw an immense opportunity for a high-quality brand with a unique design, at a compelling price point. That brand became Dagne Dover. While she has always been passionate about products that help people feel more confident, Melissa now also focuses on how Dagne Dover can be an example of positive company leadership, company culture and evolved workplace policies for future generations.

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apper Dan is a fashion icon having navigated the industry in a unique quest for inclusion and acceptance. A voice of Harlem and far before acceptance, he has single handedly forged a bridge between luxury and street culture. FULL BIO COMING SOON.




ric Archibald, the Creative Director of DIPLOMACY, since 1994, handprint can be found on the origins of streetwear. Since his foray into fashion he has seen the future of style through the muses of the present day and that vision has shaped what has become one of the most sought after perspectives in fashion.



Developing an eye for timeless chic with a bit of avant-garde edge, Eric has established his signature aesthetic and piercing fashion acumen through the likes of iconic artists such as Future, Beyoncé, P. Diddy, Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, and Little Kim. Eric has the unique ability to forecast and ignite fashion trends through his wondrous roving eye for fashion as a gatekeeper of the culture upon which many fashion incarnations are born.


His work has been prominently featured in pop culture, from editorial spreads in ​Vogue, ​Harper’s Bazaar,​ ​People, Marie Claire, Glamour and ​GQ , and as head judge on MTV’s “Styl’d.”. As a creative visionary he has designed costumes for The Oscars, The Grammy’s, The Tony’s, The Golden Globes, VH1 Honors, BET Awards, Kennedy Center Honors, Soul Train Awards and most recently P. Diddy’s vocal talent show, The Four.

As the former Creative Director at Sean John, he adds another layer to his artistic expression as the Creative Director of DIPLOMACY, where he mixes fashion-forward textures and colors to design a collection that truly complements the modern, authentic streetwear lifestyle.






Leonardo is internationally renowned in brand building, management consulting and executive search. He is the founder and CEO of BOND Creative MGMT, BOND Creative Search and BOND Motion Pictures. He is a partner of the brands Vetir Vert, TRE by Natalie Ratabesi and Love Watts

and on the Board of Directors of Collaborator and Jane Smith Agency. His clients have include Alexander Wang, Amazon, Apple, Chanel, Coach, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Kate Spade, LVMH, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Onward Kashiyama, Nordstrom, PVH, Polo Ralph Lauren, Samsung, Sephora, Shiseido, Starbucks, Target, The Row, Tiffany & Co., and Zimmerman. Leonardo began his career in the arts working as the Artistic Director for an internationally respected art gallery in SoHo where he discovered, nurtured and managed artists. Having lived in Europe, the United States and Asia, he is widely recognized as a global talent spotter and trend forecaster. He has the unique ability to “get inside” a company’s culture, identify and communicate with all levels of creative talent, and analyze the intricacies of brand building.


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