What is the BRAG Summer Internship?

The BRAG Summer Internship Program is a comprehensive professional development program designed to expose students of color to retail, fashion and related industries. The program includes a one-week orientation filled with panels, workshops and networking opportunities. Throughout the summer, interns collaborate to present a business case study to top level industry executives at the conclusion of the program. For additional support, interns are paired with an advisor and BRAG coach to assist them through every step of their experience.

How does the intern application process work?

Students must complete the online application via the BRAG website: www.bragusa.org/internship. Applications are reviewed and qualified applicants will be notified to schedule an initial video interview If an applicant progresses in the interview process, their resume is forwarded to a partner company. Upon completion of each company’s interview process, top candidates are selected to be BRAG interns.

When does the application process end?

BRAG has an application deadline of December 1, 2021. Applicants will be matched to partner companies on a rolling basis.

How competitive is the internship program?

The BRAG Internship Program is highly competitive. Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume, along with their application, that illustrates their qualifications and passion for the industry.

What are the qualifications for the internship program?

Undergraduate college students who are rising juniors, or seniors with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0/4.0 or its equivalent.

Does BRAG or its partner companies provide citizen sponshorship?

Unfortunately, BRAG partner companies currently do not provide sponsorship to individuals who need a visa to work and/or live in the U.S. Candidates applying for the BRAG Internship Program must be able to work and live in the U.S. without company sponsorship. As a non-profit organization, BRAG is also unable to sponsor or provide visas for candidates.

What does BRAG look for in a candidate?

BRAG seeks students who are interested in pursuing a career in the business of fashion after graduation. Students must have strong communication, analytical, and presentation skills and be highly motivated, innovative and results driven. Students should also demonstrate their full commitment to being a BRAG intern by exhibiting qualities of analytical c competency, leadership, professionalism and collaboration across all levels of an organization.

How do you determine which students gets to work at each company?

We match a student’s skills and qualifications to a company’s job description. The partner company will make the final decision and submit an offer.

Are BRAG internships paid?

Yes, the BRAG Internship Program is a 10-week paid internship. Interns will be paid by their sponsor company.

Where will my internship be located?

Internship positions are located all over the country. However, the majority of our internship partner companies are located in New York City. Select companies may make the necessary travel and lodging arrangements for their interns.

Does BRAG provide housing?

BRAG does not provide housing for interns. Students are responsible for their own housing.

Does BRAG provide food and transportation?

During Orientation Week breakfast and lunch are provided. Students are responsible for their own food and transportation throughout the summer.

What is orientation week and is it mandatory?

Orientation Week is mandatory and must be attended by all BRAG Interns. It is similar to a mini Bootcamp that prepares students for work with their internship experience. Interns are expected to be prompt, professionally dressed, and prepared for a week of seminars and workshops. Topics discussed include but are not limited to career focused panel discussion with industry executives, retail math, personal branding, business etiquette, and retail ethics.

What is the BRAG Case Study Competition?

During orientation week, students will be placed into teams. The teams will compete against each other in the BRAG Case Study Competition at the end of the summer. The winning teams will receive recognition, as well as a prize. In addition to BRAG’s case study, some students may be required to complete a group project by their host company.

What kind of positions are offered by BRAG’s partner companies?

BRAG’s partner companies offer positions across all business areas including, buying, planning, merchandising, design, marketing, human resources, store management, digital and technology. BRAG interns are placed in a department based on their interests, skills and qualifications.

What is the program's time committment?

The program is 8 - 10 weeks long (may vary depending upon company). It is mandatory that interns attend for the full length of the program. Vacations and part-time jobs are not permitted. Schedules will be determined by the partner company.

Does BRAG provide course credits?

BRAG does not provide college course credit to interns.

What is the BRAG culture?

The BRAG culture is collaborative and results driven. It is embracing with an expectation of the students selected to deliver excellence. BRAG consists of a Board and Advisory Board of volunteers, who give their time, resources and expertise to ensure students of color are provided with the coaching, mentoring and tools needed to be successful within the industry.